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Waves Audio to Publish its First VR Videogame Racket: Nx Later This Year

racket nx screenshot

Waves Audio, makers of the Waves Nx 3D spatial headphones, has published a virtual reality (VR) videogame, Racket: Nx, following its Kickstarter success of the headphones.

Developed by One Hamsa, the makers of the demo that was released on the 17th, Racket: Nx demonstrates a few key feartures that are enhanced by the Waves Nx headphones as a title that essentially is a game of Squash. This includes spatial awareness, which is the headphones’ specialty, as the audio plays a major role in directing attention and giving you a constant sense of your environment. As well as this, the physics in this title are finely tuned, meaning it won’t take much time to calibrate yourself to the controls.


The previously mentioned demo lets the player to engage in a solo Infinite Training mode, where they must hit the right targets which are lit up on the arena wall of hexagonal bricks. When the player hits these targets, there is an increase in both time and score, however you need to make sure you hit the right ones before you run out of time. When the title progresses past its demo, players can expect the introduction of major features like a VR level editor, sharing and rating systems, and even multiplayer.

Waves Audio’s Wave Nx spatial audio headphones successfully completed itsKickstarter campaign this month by exceeding its $200,000 (USD) by over $60,000. The headphones can be paired with the Nx Virtual Mix Room, making the headphones seem like they are geared towards the creation of music, but with this videogame it proves that the headphones are just as suitable for VR.

The title isn’t yet available, but it is listed as “late 2016”, so we can most probably expect it to appear around November or December time, where it will show up as an Early Access title for the HTC Vive.

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