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Watch ‘Rihanna’ Give One of the First-Ever Mixed Reality Performances via Octosense (VIDEO)


It’s no exaggeration to say that Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are on the rise. The Meta 2 has officially begun shipping, Vuforia recently announced native integration on the Unity platform, and Occipital’s Bridge lets iOS users taste this cutting-edge tech while we (anxiously) await formal announcements from Apple after years of speculation.


Produced by Octosense to showcase the caliber of their hyperrealistic, interactive system—and shot directly through the Microsoft HoloLens HMD—this video points to a wild new imagination of the “live” performance. With this vision in mind, we can see how the nature of “remote viewing” becomes more intimate than ever before. The financial implications can’t be overlooked either; how does the landscape change when performances can be broadcast to anyone in the world, anywhere in the world?

Octosense claims to use lighting from real environments on virtual objects, adding an unprecedented level of shading and immersion in augmentation. Their goal is to develop solutions that make augmented and mixed environments truly naturalistic, from detail to interactivity.

For those attending CES in Las Vegas, Octosense will be available to schedule demos January 4-8.


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