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VR system


There are so many systems! What’s the difference?

Everywhere you turn, it seems like some new VR system is angling for your attention. Let’s break it down:

HTC Vive and Oculus Rift: The two premium VR experiences are the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. Both run on PCs, both play the top VR PC games, both are jaw-droppingly fun. These systems include headsets, a variety of controllers, and sensors to track your movements. If you’re a dedicated PC gamer or want the absolute best virtual reality will have to offer in 2016, these are the ones you want. For more details, check out our Vive vs Rift Guide.

PlayStation VR: An alternative to the Rift and Vive is PlayStation VR which requires, obviously, a PlayStation. The hardware specs on the PlayStation VR aren’t quite as high as the Vive and Rift, but it still qualifies as a solid VR experience. Only PlayStation games will work on PlayStation VR.

Samsung Gear VR: The Gear VR is a phone-based system. There are a number of phone VR systems on the market that are more gimmicks than legitimate VR experiences, but the Gear VR uses Oculus technology to deliver one of the top experiences in the class. To use Samsung Gear VR, you need one of the latest Samsung phones.

Bargain Systems: There are a number of other players in the VR world, with new niche headsets being announced all the time. As of right now, though, we don’t know much about these systems or what sort of support they will have long term.

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