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Pico Neo: First look at the untethered VR headset


The Pico Neo from Chinese startup Pico debuted in the US at E3 for the first time without much fanfare, but its done something no other company has successfully done before: untethered headsets. Specifically, the Pico Neo isn’t powered by a phone nor does it need to be plugged into a PC at all times[……]


Oculus Rift v PlayStation VR: What is the best VR gaming headset?


While it would be nice to paint the rivalry between the Oculus Rift and Sony’s PlayStation VR as a David and Goliath-style battle, the lines are actually a bit more blurred.
Oculus could have been the plucky underdog, but its $2 billion acquisition by Facebook back in 2014 turned it into a Silicon[……]


Virtual reality versus augmented reality: Which is the future?


They’re both new technologies, cutting edge in fact, both currently involve dorky hardware and are the subject of fascination to the world’s most influential people in tech.
But the advent of AR or VR could lead us down very different paths in entertainment, gaming, communication and industry. So[……]


Oculus Rift review


It’s taken four years for Oculus Rift to go from Kickstarter to a consumer edition ready to reviewed and critiqued – and it’s generated near rabid interest in VR. The HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard all owe their success in part to riding Oculus’ coattails, but as we’ve sat around anx[……]


HTC Vive review


VR is finally here, and our HTC Vive Consumer Edition review follows hot on the heels of the Oculus Rift, which was the first big-name virtual reality headset to ship out to consumers.After countless demos with the HTC Vive, first behind closed doors and then using it at conventions, it feels odd to[……]