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HTC Vive hands-on (again): Still mind-blowing, just about ready for its closeup


Since we last had a hands-on look at the HTC Vive at CES, we’ve had confirmation of a price and pre-order date for its long-awaited consumer launch, and we took another opportunity to get up close with the hardware at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.Unfortunately, apart from a few tweaks to a cou[……]


Don't let crappy mobile VR put you off virtual reality entirely


“Next time I come home, I’ll bring up a VR headset so you can all try it,” I bragged to some school friends over drinks recently. “We got my Dad a cheap one for his birthday, he looked mad chasing dinosaurs, it made me feel sick though,” came the reply. Read this: The best Samsung Gear VR apps, game[……]


LG 360 VR review


The LG 360 VR is not where mobile VR is heading. It’s not immersive, it only works with one phone (for now) and it’s too expensive.

Last year, LG joined the Google Cardboard fun when it unveiled its own plastic headset called VR for G3. Made specifically for LG G3 smartphones, it was given away[……]