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Virtual strategy: Five must-have games in VR's most surprising killer genre


Our favorite VR games so far are the first-person, room-scale types of experiences you get with the HTC Vive. But of the less physical, seated, gamepad-based titles you can play on, well, pretty much every VR platform today, strategy games rise above the rest. Let’s look at five killer VR strategy g[……]


‘V’ Brings the Web to Any VR Experience You Choose

‘V’ is your new favorite VR app.Virtual reality has the incredible ability to fully captivate users by transporting them from reality, to endless virtual worlds. However completely ditching reality does have its drawbacks. For one thing you’re completely cut off from the outside world and all commun[……]


VR user survey report: the user’s favorite VR device and how much would you like to pay?

Recently, foreign VR data survey sites greenlightvr released the investigation report “users are most interested in VR equipment”  in June 2016. According to the report data display, Samsung’s gear VR to 38.7% elected most welcome VR equipment, followed by Sony Playstation VR and oculus rift. Furthe[……]