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Rick and Morty VR Coming to Comic-Con


The folks over at Owlchemy Labs, the guys who brought us Job Simulator on HTC Vive, have announced today that they’ll soon be releasing a new VR game based on Rick and Morty.Unlike Job Simulator that made us all relive jobs in VR as a gourmet chef, an office worker, or maybe even a convenience store[……]


HTC Vive's magic now includes a lightsaber battle and a Lab full of mini-games (hands-on)


At this point you might be sick of visiting Gizmag only to see pictures of writers (well, one in particular) wearing virtual reality headsets all over the front page. But during this VR-centric week at GDC 2016 we couldn’t live with ourselves if we left out the HTC Vive, which may be the most mesmer[……]


VICELAND Launches First Episode in VR Documentary Series


In March, VICE announced their partnership with Samsung to co-produce a documentary series that follows VR creators as they take on various projects within the new immersive medium. These documentaries will be distributed not only on VICE and Samsung’s platforms but will also air primetime on VICELA[……]


The best 360 degree and VR videos on YouTube


YouTube has been pushing its new 360 hub of 360 degree and VR videos since it added support for them in early 2015. A year on, here’s our picks of what to watch on your Cardboard viewer. With all the hype around Oculus Rift and buddies, new stuff is being added all the time.

Watch the vids by do[……]


The best HTC Vive games you need to play


The HTC Vive is finally alive and in out the wild for all the world to use. But what exactly can you try right now?Well, Valve has a pretty extensive library of games for the Vive, and while not all of them are entirely complete – some are episodic while others are demo length – you’ll still have to[……]


Field of view: The week in virtual reality


Welcome once again VR lovers to your weekly roundup of the latest launches, announcements and rumours flying around in the world of VR that we’ve saved to tell you all about them right here.

On the site this week, our features editor Sophie tells us why you shouldn’t be put off virtual reality b[……]


VR Helping Train Medics To Save Lives in Battle


This VR simulation is supporting the future training of medics in the UK Armed Forces.When it comes to preparing army medics for the working conditions of a warzone, it’s difficult to recreate the cramped conditions and stress of battle inside a moving Chinook helicopter on its way to evacuate a cri[……]


The best VR games


We’re still just scratching the surface of what virtual reality will eventually be able to do. But when we sat down to round up a list of the best VR games, it was a little surprising how much high-quality (if still a little primitive) content is already out there. Let’s break down our (always up-to[……]


VRTO Reinvents the Tech Conference


We may still be in the early days of this New Reality Renaissance, but you’d never guess it walking around VRTO (Virtual and Augmented Reality Toronto World Conference & Expo). There was a palpable buzz among attendees and speakers—excitement for the chance to gather with a bunch of like-minded[……]


Meet Nick Whiting, Epic’s Technical Director of VR/AR


It’s been said it only takes one visionary to champion VR within an organization; that one passionate (and sometimes crazy) person who “gets it” early and then slowly but surely gets others in the group on board. As the publisher of Unreal Engine 4, Epic Games is at the forefront o[……]