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Sony Working on Minority Report Style VR Glove

Many people would love to be Tom Cruise. Many others would like to experience technology in some of his movies such as the AR/VR device in the Minority Report. In the film Tom Cruise’s character John Anderton wears a glove to interact with a massive augmented reality environment. It seems Sony would like in on this action as well.

If a Patent Filing from October 17 2014 Sony licensed the following:

A glove interface object is provided, comprising: at least one flex sensor configured to generate flex sensor data identifying a flex of at least one finger portion of the glove interface object; at least one contact sensor configured to generate contact sensor data identifying a contact between a first portion of the glove interface object and a second portion of the glove interface object; a communications module configured to transmit the flex sensor data and the contact sensor data to a computing device for processing to determine a finger position pose of the glove interface object, the finger position pose being applied for rendering a virtual hand in a view of a virtual environment on a head-mounted display (HMD), the virtual hand being rendered based on the identified finger position pose.

Given this patent application was back in 2014, perhaps Sony is keeping this under wraps? Perhaps to be released shortly after their PlayStation VR later this year?
Oh, the speculation…