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Samsung Gear 360 hands-on experience: good but not portable

[ Summary ] Samsung Gear 360 recently officially listed, its outstanding photographic effect, good software experience, the biggest downside is the circular design is portable, and only applies to Samsung’s eco-system.


With the popularity of virtual reality, the whole eco-system are also gradually enriched. Among them, the360 -degree cameras began to be concerned about, with the virtual reality headset, it provides an immersive photo, video viewing experience, even better is that it lets users become content creators.

Samsung is now have a complete mobile platform based on virtual reality company, Galaxy s, andNote phone support under the head Gear VR, while Samsung and Vrse content vendors, build own VR content and application stores. Previously, Samsung also released Gear 360 camera, enabling users to become content creators, this 360 -degree camera has recently listed, the price is 350 dollars. So, does it have a good experience? Look at specific trials.

Hardware and compatible mobile phones


Samsung Gear 360 looks like 90 years webcam bulging shape is used, which means that it cannot be easily in a pocket of similar products, such as Ricoh, an obvious deficiency. For which Samsung is equipped with a mini tripod also compatible with Octopus, common accessories such as tripods.

Hardware, Samsung Gear 360 built two 2560*1440 pixels,f/2.0 aperture of the fish-eye lens, the maximum achievable 7776*3888 pixel picture,2840*1920 pixel video. In addition, it uses a DRIMe5s image processor, supporting 200GB micro SD memory card, battery capacity for 1350mAh. Connection, compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth, 4.1, andUSB 2.0 .

Samsung Gear 360 also has a small display at the top of the fuselage, larger than expected, you can display the battery level, the remaining storage space, cameras, and so on, users without having to view the cell phone. However,Android Central editors say, during which he accidentally fell off a Gear 360(about 0.6 metres high), displays some cracking at the top, users need to be more careful when they use.

Compatible phone,Gear 360 only supports Samsung models, including Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+,Galaxy S7/S7 Edge , as well as Note 5.

Software experience


Applications, Samsung clearly has a wealth of experience,Gear 360 shooting with Samsung mobile phones are similar, the user can get started. Application has to offer is very rich and includes single shot,360 -degree shot, and can easily select still or video, interval time and other parameters.

Other 360 degree cameras similar to theGear 360 offers full manual control functions, including setting the exposure value, sensitivity,HDR, white balance, and so on, for good camera users can achieve better results. As for battery life, although 1350mAh capacity is not large, but the whole range of better-than-expected.

Shooting quality


Samsung Gear 360 photos taken can be viewed mobile application, additional support for Facebook, andFlickr, and? Google+ applications. Of course, using Samsung Gear VR viewing photos and video with better results. Picture quality, the overall effect is satisfactory, very clear images and video, color reduction is more real, high resolution virtual reality is more appropriate to wear.


500 US dollars within 360 -degree cameras, Samsung Gear 360 is the most superior model, whose shot superior picture quality, powerful, application experience good, the camera can also smooth, seamless synthesis of filmed content. However, its greatest weakness lies in the round design, compared to the Ricoh Theta s, andLG CAM 360 portable enough for flat shape. Of course, if the user does not mind it, and live in Samsung’s eco-system,Gear 360 is definitely worth considering.

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