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PlayStation VR Top Launch Titles To Watch Out For

Sony is really starting to push their upcoming line up of games for the new PlayStation VR headset. Anyone looking to get into Virtual Reality then PlayStation VR is likely to be the cheapest way to do it.

When PlayStation VR launches in Q2 2016 what can you expect to be playing? Here is the VRCircle run down of the games to add to your shopping cart.

Robinson: The Journey

Crytek is known for releasing bleeding edge PC games that bring your PC to its knees. In the case of Robinson The Journey this will be a PS4 Exclusive which as an Oculus fan did upset me a little. Oh well!
What to experience being trampled on by a Dinosaur? This is your game.

The London Heist

Set in London’s gritty criminal underworld, this upcoming VR shooter was one of the biggest draws at E3. The London Heist allows you to use the PlayStation Move controller in both hands for added realism, with gamers having full control of the character’s body and arms as he ducks for cover. It was my first game I tried on PlayStation VR and was impressed.

Read my experience with London Heist on PlayStation VR

This Final Fantasy XIV is only the second MMORPG within the Final Fantasy series, so bringing it to virtual reality is huge deal. I just hope they fix the typical first person problem of where you look is where you walk. Which means you’ll soon be caught up in cabling. FF could prove to be one of the ultimate VR adventures if they can pull it off.

Eve: Valkyrie

In EVE: Valkyrie, you are in command of a heavily armed fighter in an Immersive VR experience that puts you right in the cockpit for visceral team-based action.
EVE: Valkyrie has been built from the ground up to take advantage of the latest in virtual reality technology. I’ve tried this on both the Oculus and PlayStation VR and both versions are very good!

Oculus Rift vs. PlayStation VR – Eve: Valkyrie

Dead Secret

Strap on a VR headset and find yourself at the scene of a murder. Delve into the dead man’s bizarre past to solve the riddle of his death and escape before you become the next victim. You’ll probably be able to play this sooner rather than later as its coming to the Steam store soon. It will be available on all the major VR platforms.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Another exclusive PlayStation VR game from Supermassive Games, claims they’ve created a “very different style of game” and, from the looks of it, it may be true. Not only does Until Dawn look like an amazing first person shooter, it also looks scary as hell and probably not good to play before heading to bed.

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo has been a Sony exclusive since the beginning of time and sold very well. Now if you toss in Virtual Reality, the legendary racing game can be taken a step further for an all-new driving experience. It will feature FIA Gran Turismo Championships, giving you a chance to race for your favorite car manufacturer or home country.


Battlezone is an arcade game from Atari (remember Atari?) originally released in November 1980. Its makers state: “If we can capture the same revolutionary thrill of the originalBattlezone for a whole new generation of gamers, then we’ll have done gaming history proud.”

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