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Oculus 1.5.0 Update Brings Back Revive Support

Oculus as released their latest update to their Runtime with release 1.5.0.
If you’re an HTC Vive owner who enjoyed access to some Oculus games before the 1.4 update which removed access, then you’ll be a very happy camper as Oculus has removed the DRM preventing Revive from working.

Revive is the software needed to by HTC Vive owners to run Oculus games on Vive Hardware.

Download Revive 0.6.2

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Oculus in a statement confirmed they had removed the DRM check:

We continually revise our entitlement and anti-piracy systems, and in the June update we’ve removed the check for Rift hardware from the entitlement check. We won’t use hardware checks as part of DRM on PC in the future.

Other not very exciting updates to the SDK include (Unless you’re playing with Touch controllers): 

  • The SDK can now detect whether the user’s thumbs are on the thumb rests of the Touch controllers. For more information, see Button Touch State.
  • The following compressed formats are now supported for static layers:
  • To improve troubleshooting, game engines can now provide information to the SDK that includes the engine name, version, and other metadata using ovr_IdentifyClient.

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