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IDC says 2016 virtual real output will exceed 2 billion USD

According to a report, virtual reality hardware production this year will reach us $ 2.3 billion.

This is a report by the market intelligence company international data groupreleased. This is the company’s first global virtual reality and augmented reality market survey assessment. This second evaluation report on the growth of virtual reality. In January, when Goldman Sachs claims when virtual reality and augmented reality market in 2025, the output value will reach US $ 80 billion.

The international data group, are very excited about the growth of virtual reality. The market-Samsung, Sony, HTC and Oculus lead hardware sales in emerging markets this year will reach 9.6 million units.

International data group and show Director Tom Mainelli said in a report: “2016 outbreak of virtual reality was destined to be the first year, Oculus, HTC/Valve has published important products, and Samsung also introduced the first smartphone-based virtual reality.

Samsung and other manufacturers of equipment produced by rapid growth, when you and the market, you will see different industries (such as medical, sports, education) are thinking about how virtual reality will be affected, what will happen to change it. But this market will have the game industry.

Gaming survey Lewis Ward, Director of the international data group said in a report: “video games is that people use the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or PlayStation VR main reasons.

In the virtual reality games released this year, these manufacturers will profit by the VR Head, especially during the Christmas season.

By 2020, the international data group, said virtual reality hardware device will be sent to the world from 64.8 million units. 183.8% over projections for 2016.

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