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HTC Vive Price – $799, Ships in Early April

Close on the heels of the Oculus Rift pre-order for $599 is the HTC Vive pre-order announced today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
The Vive will be available for pre-order for $799 and will available in early April. The Vive will include some new VR features such as integrated phone functions that allow the user to answer calls, check text messages, and view calendar reminders without removing the headset and be supported by iOS and Android.

The Vive Consumer Edition box will include the headset itself, two wireless controllers, pair of Vive base stations, Vive Link Box, and a pair of Vive ear buds. The Vive has several improvements since the developer edition including an improved head-strap, more polished finish, superior ergonomics, and the addition of a built-in microphone.

The recommended PC hardware is the same as the Rift which is the 
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or an AMD Radeon R9 290 graphics card. Overall the Vive is going to cost you about $200 more than the Rift.