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How to watch 360 Degree VR Videos



Google started adding VR 360 degree videos to YouTube back in March of this year.
There is now a rather impressive collection of VR 360 degree videos with mostly decent quality and many in 4K.
If your phone is capable of 1440p playback such as the Samsung S6, Note 4 along with many others you can easily spend many hours inside your cardboard (or Cardboard clone) device.

OK, awesome. So how do I do this?

  1. Pick up a Cardboard device or Cardboard clone. There has been a spate of FREE Cardboard giveaways recently from OnePlus and even Conan O’Brien. If you cannot grab one free, then a clone can  be purchased for around $25 such as Goggletech Go4D C1-Glass
  2. Install Cardboard onto your phone
  3. If you have not already done so, then install YouTube on your device
  4. Go to your YouTube app and search #360video. You should now see only the 360 degree VR Videos
  5. If you want the best quality such as 4K, then click the top right icon to filter for only 4K Videos.
  6. Once you click filter, then select 4K and 360
  7. Finally, when you select a video to view. You need to place your phone into “Cardboard” view.
    Do this by selecting the cardboard icon bottom right:
  8. That’s it. Enjoy VR 360 videos on your phone

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