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Hands On With Survios’ Multiplayer VR Combat Game

Last week at E3, we were invited by LA VR studio Survios to check out their progress on Raw Data, their co-op action combat game for the HTC Vive. They’ve made a lot of progress since the Robotics Lab they first showed at VRLA. That was a tech demo allowing players to get used to different weapons and enemies by co-defending a single room from a stationary point in the middle.

Welcome to Skyport

This time around, Survios has an entire level built out called Skyport. You’re still defending a nexus with another player, but there are many additional features. For one, the board is much bigger, with multiple lanes between your nexus and enemy territory. Here’s our play-through if you want to see longer-form gameplay.

Hands On With Survios’ Multiplayer VR Combat Game

Instead of being confined to the center, they built in teleportation, allowing you to cover the entire map. You also have the ability to build turrets to protect your base while you’re busy teleporting about.

New Characters

Unlike the tech demo, where you could use every weapon, Survios is building out distinct hero classes. The first two are the Gun Cleric and the Cyber Ninja. Each has its own unique weapons and abilities.

As the Gun Cleric, you’re a slinger dual-wielding a pair of pistols. Your powers include a charged shot, overcharged rapid fire, and bullet time.

Hands On With Survios’ Multiplayer VR Combat Game

As the ninja, you get a set of laser katanas you can swing or throw like boomerangs, a mid-range electric pulse, telekinetic throwing powers and this power-bomb jump slam thing.

Hands On With Survios’ Multiplayer VR Combat Game

There are a bunch of new bad guys too. Killer robots including ninja stealthers, laser gunners, heavy rocket mechs, drones, and these crawling guys with no legs.

Hands On With Survios’ Multiplayer VR Combat Game

Wanna play? Keep your eye out for an early access release on Steam on July 14. Survios is planning on launching the final game in late 2016.

About Survios

Founded in 2013, Survios is a Los Angeles-based virtual reality studio focused on building connected VR experiences with emergent interactivity, social multiplayer, and visceral play.

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