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Figment VR – iPhone VR & AR Phone Case

Figment VR – iPhone VR & AR Phone Case

For those attending the Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco. Visitors and VR fans could visit the football-themed pavilions at the Moscone Center and Super Bowl City and try some VR demos that transport fans onto sidelines, beneath huddles and into locker rooms. During the event fans got to try a unique new iPhone case designed for VR and AR called Figment VR

The Figment VR device is a slightly thick case for your iPhone that with the flick of a button the lenses pop out and you’re ready for VR or AR.

You’ll be able to use Figment VR with any existing VR content from Jaunt VR, NextVR and any cardboard designed content.

Figment VR got its start from a successful Kickstarter campaign and raised their target goal of $118k. Now Figment VR is available for pre-order direct from their website for $69 and is available for the iPhone 6/6s and 6plus /6s plus.

  • Soft touch finish lets you securely keep your phone in your hands
  • Scratch resistant lenses so you can safely keep them in your pocket
  • 6000 grade aluminum designed to be durable and strong

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