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Disposable Sanitary Guards for VR Headsets

If you have ever been to Japan, you will have noticed they are rather serious about cleanliness, perhaps obsessed even?

They have whole stores dedicated to toilets and not just regular toilets but those that spray water and clean your nether regions in ways unimaginable by western standards.
Therefore, it comes as little surprise the Japanese have figured out a way to keep your VR headset clean. Each VR headset places itself against your face and over time can get greasy, slimy and rather disgusting. During demos such as those at CES many thousands of people with wear the same headset, briefly cleaned by the person providing the demos. These disposable sanitary guards are primarily intended for that purpose, but anyone who wants to keep their headset clean may be interested.

Gizmodo Japan previously spotted “VR Masks” at SXSW. Now they can be purchased in sets of 100 masks for 2980 yen ($35).