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Best HTC Vive VR games of 2016: Time Machine VR


The Time Machine is  an HTC Vive VR interesting game, is the one I love most of the time. In Norway, Svalbard, the near future, you are responsible for the trip back to prehistoric times with your dinodex from all you found biological data collection of your journey. But why? Simply because, the prehistoric virus found in humans are on the verge of extinction, and your data in creating an anti-virus software is very valuable. And the story mode, there is also a search mode, you can go back to visit a destination, a better look around, and could unlock more intelligence control. Controller embarrassing when using HTC long live, but it is what makes the experience – and life size dinosaurs too. Be warned, when they bite, it will make you (like us!).

Price: £22.99 on Steam

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