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Social VR Platform AltspaceVR Is Back

Better late than never.

After an amazing run, Social VR pioneer AltspaceVR closed its doors earlier this month due to unforeseen financial difficulty. It was a sad day for many within the community, all hoping it wouldn’t come to an end. Hoping a solution would appear in the days leading up[……]


Katy Perry Comes To Life in W Magazine AR Cover

The fashion publication’s latest issue embraces augmented reality.

Whether capturing Kate Moss in VR for a fragrance ad or letting retail shoppers don a headset in store, fashion brands are always seeking new ways to capture consumer attention. And when it comes to fashion publishers, augme[……]


Native 360 Video Capture Comes to First Oculus Rift Game

The latest update to Dead and Buried brings in-game 360° image and video capture among other new features.

VR is an experience that’s hard to explain to those who haven’t been lucky enough to try it themselves. How exactly does one put the incredible sensation of being immersed into a brand[……]


Altspace Shuts Down & Disney Resorts Get The Void

Recapping the top stories covered on the VRScout Report, a weekly podcast discussing the best in VR, hosted by Malia Probst. Social VR pioneer Altspace shuts down, ‘Second Life’ successor Sansar launches open beta, WebVR comes to Firefox, Disney wants you to be a Star Wars jedi in VR, the fund[……]


Animating VR Characters in Google Blocks

Last month, Google launched their Blocks VR creation tool, enabling anyone to 3D model low polygon objects with no prior modeling experience required. Although it seemed like a simple app on the surface, after diving in, it became immediately apparent the massive potential Blocks can have as a[……]


Watch This Trippy Reggie Watts Music Video in Mixed Reality

The beloved multi-genre artist continues his exploration into emerging technologies—this time in mixed reality.

This MR music video of musician Reggie Watts is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The video, published by Microsoft HoloLens, features holograms of the musician set in different[……]


Reuniting Undocumented Immigrant Families with VR

VR Postcards offer a slice of culture from a home they can’t visit.

The Family Reunions Project is trying to bring some comfort and understanding to an extremely complicated, often heartbreaking situation—undocumented immigration. How? By using the power of VR to reunite undocumented immigr[……]


Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Now Support Daydream VR

The wait is over.

Google has finally confirmed the rollout of Daydream VR to Samsung’s pair of flagship smartphones.

Previously announced at Google I/O in May, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus owners received news that Daydream VR support would be coming soon to their device. Now tha[……]


The Story of Your Life is a Virtual Reality

This post is part of an ongoing series about writing, storytelling, and critique in VR, in partnership with Galatea, a writing and project management tool for immersive stories.

VR has already impacted so many areas of modern life, and is poised to influence so much more in the coming years. Ri[……]


Step Into The Shoes Of An 80s Robot In Funny Or Die’s New VR Film

With a runtime of 40 minutes, Miyubi is the longest VR film made so far.

Funny or Die is one of those websites that just seems too good to be true. Founded in 2007 by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy, the video comedy site has been responsible for some of the decade’s most memorabl[……]