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40% Nerd interest 2 Year of virtual reality


Softonic In the interview 2000 United States The nerd Later published a report, the specific content you can browse the pictures below.

Price of virtual reality, according to the report the main problem 61% Said they do not want to purchase the main reason is price. At present, the Oculus sells for 599 dollars, while HTC Vive for 799 Us $ But users will also need to buy a computer or upgrading machines. There are 5 months and another PlayStation VR will meet with consumers, For the price of 399 dollars.

However, the report also shows that 40% Of respondents intend to in the future 2 Years buying virtual reality display. Can be expected, over time, costs will go down, thereby reducing the retail price of virtual reality devices, like Smartphones.

This report and statistics has tried a number of virtual reality, And the contents of experience. 72% said they never used virtual reality show, the nerd , that was very surprising. But 61% wanted to use for the game. There is also 11% the planned to use to take a virtual tour.

This gives us more of a look forward to the results of the report, Virtual reality at least proved that most of the technology group is interested in this technology.

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