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Monthly Archives: February 2018

VR Project ‘The Enemy’ Tells the Story of Combatants like Never Before

Belgian-Tunisian war correspondent Karim Ben Khelifa and MIT show how VR can be a critical tool for empathy.

“When I became a father, I simply knew I could not keep walking on the front lines,” Khelifa said. “Yet, I was not done trying to understand war.”

The Enemy is Khelifa’s art insta[……]


Walmart Acquires VR Startup to Develop ‘Immersive Retail Environments’

The world’s largest company by revenue and the United States’ biggest supplier of jobs has just made a major investment in virtual reality commerce.

Walmart has agreed to purchase a little-known VR startup called Spatialand for an undisclosed amount. Spatialand creates tools that let conten[……]