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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Get Lost In The Rainforest With ‘Amazon Odyssey’ VR

Vive Studios is taking users on an interactive VR journey through one of Earth’s most incredible ecosystems.

The Amazon River Basin, the biggest tropical rainforest in the world, is not only home to 10% of the Earth’s known species, but also happens to be one of the coolest natural wonders[……]


Paranormal Evidence is Back with Halloween VR Mayhem

As if Friday the 13th wasn’t spooky enough already.

Tis the season for scares, and creepy videos are finding their way all across social channels, letting users get their fix for spooky fun. But if regular 2D experiences don’t give you enough of an opportunity to participate in your nightma[……]


HBO Teases ‘Silicon Valley’ VR Experience

Bong rips and “always blue” in VR.

HBO’s Silicon Valley is getting a VR experience and it couldn’t be more spot on.

Considering the last season was riddled with VR references, including tech wonderkid Keenan Feldspar—played by Haley Joel Osment as the not so subtle nod to Oculus’ Palmer[……]


The Chelsea Film Festival Showcases Diversity in VR

Chelsea Film Festival offers a VR lineup that is refreshing, intimate, and necessary.

Over the past few years, VR has established a presence in “name brand” festivals such as Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca or Cannes. In this growing landscape, how can niche festivals establish themselves as homes[……]


Interview: Composing Music For VR With Jeremy Tisser

Jeremy Tisser, the creator of the soundtrack to Raw Data, shares his experience creating music for VR.

How do you captivate an audience? Some of the more obvious responses are stunning visuals, an engrossing storyline or relatable characters. However one of the most powerful tools for captu[……]


Oculus Santa Cruz Headset Prototype is the Future of Wireless VR

An Oculus Rift without wires is the best thing ever.

Among the slew of updates that came out of Oculus Connect 4, everything from new updates to Rift software and Facebook Spaces upgrades, there were two devices we hoped to get our heads in—the Oculus Go and Oculus Santa Cruz headset.



This VR App Reconstructs 30,000-Year-Old Homo Sapien Faces in 3D

Virtual reality gives us a close up of our ancient ancestors.

Humans 30,000 years ago looked different than us — but thanks to a VR app, we can now paint a picture of their faces in 3D.

The app from Visual Science studio, VRScience, claims to offer the first scientifically accurate VR vi[……]


This VR ‘Extravaganza’ Puts You Inside a Puppet Show from Hell

Director Ethan Shaftel’s satirical short starring Paul Scheer and John Gemberling makes its public debut.

We’re in desperate need of more comedy within VR. We’ve seen plenty of horror, action, travel and documentaries, but it seems as though creators are still a little hesitant to dip their[……]


VR Heat Map Analytics Could Be Next Big Thing For Designers & Retailers

Yulio’s “gaze-tracking” technology shows businesses exactly where a user’s attention lies.

360° video has proven to be an exciting and immersive new medium capable of captivating users in a way conventional 2D media hasn’t quite been able to. There’s only one problem: All that freedom means[……]


Facebook Brings More VR to News Feed With ‘3D Posts’

Today has been a big day at Oculus Connect 4, Facebook’s VR industry conference. In addition to a $199 Oculus Go standalone headset, the social media giant announced major updates to Facebook Spaces (including 360° live-streaming and the integration of Quill) and Oculus Home (a “Minority Repor[……]