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Monthly Archives: September 2017

GoPro’s Fusion 360 VR Camera Available November For $699

We finally have a date and price for GoPro’s latest venture into VR.

Action filmmaking supplier GoPro is no stranger to virtual reality. The American technology company has dipped its toes into the market before with custom 360-degree rigs for its immensely popular GoPro camera line with pr[……]


AR is Changing How We Communicate

There has been a steady increase in the role of augmented reality in our daily lives, especially in our communication.

If you’ve ever used a lens or filter on Snapchat or Instagram, you may not have realized it, but you were participating in Augmented Reality. It might seem like a stretch c[……]


AMC Theaters Buys Into VR With Dreamscape Immersive Deal

Multi-person interactive VR comes to select AMC locations across the United States and U.K. beginning next year.

Thanks to a new deal made by AMC theatres and LA-based virtual reality startup Dreamscape Immersive, six lucky AMC theaters spread across North America and Europe will soon be ho[……]


Customizing the Future of Industry in Mixed Reality

Thyssenkrupp teams up with Microsoft to use HoloLens to customize and deliver services four times faster.

Granted, when you think of exciting applications for Mixed Reality, stair lifts might not be the first thing that jump to mind…but bear with me here.

Most of us will get old someday, and w[……]


The Rise of Consumer AR in China

When the smash-hit mobile gaming application Pokémon GO swept the globe last summer, the disruptive potential of augmented reality (AR) was thrust into the spotlight. It became the fastest game ever to reach $600 million in revenue, which it did in just a few months. While time has taken some of[……]


Blocker is a Revolutionary AR Application for Filmmakers

Filmmakers rejoice! Augmented Reality just made your job a whole lot easier.

Much has been made of the storytelling capacities of VR and AR, but what about using them as tools to aid other storytelling media?

The recent release of iOS 11 has ushered in a slate of new AR applications into[……]


Ditch the Tape Measure—This App Lets You Make Floor Plans in AR

Coming off of the heels of Apple’s iOS 11, PLNAR makes creating a floor plan easier (and more fun) with an iPhone.

Putting together a floor plan of your home or business is never as easy as you’d hope it would be. With—PLNAR, an app built using Apple’s ARKit and developed by the Austin-base[……]


Man Proposes In Zero Latency’s VR Zombie Arena

I’m not crying! You’re crying!

Everyone loves a good proposal story. The terrifying act of popping the big question is a big moment in any young couple’s life. So any attempt at breaking the norm when taking that life-changing knee is always fun.

Unfortunately for any gentlemen or ladies[……]


ARKit Holo App Puts Your Favorite Personalities in the Palm of Your Hand

Volumetric video can fulfill your dream of having your own personal Jon Hamm.

When it comes to bringing photo realistic people into virtual and augmented reality, 8i has paving the way with their technology. The photogrammetry company is quickly becoming the industry standard in 3D hologram[……]


How VR Can Help Solve Dementia

How VR is helping us spot, research, treat, and raise awareness for dementia.

Anyone who has suffered from dementia, or knows someone who has, knows that is a cruel, tough syndrome to battle. 5.5 million people in the United States alone suffer from dementia, which is marked by chronic degene[……]