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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Putt-Putt Google Earth VR Looks Amazing

The new video also teases “puppet skinning” for Tilt Brush.

When YouTube channel Nat and Friends toured Google VR, we were honestly expecting to see experiments from Google’s Daydream Labs that we’ve already seen. Projects we’ve reported on like Google’s headset removal or last year’ssocial[……]


Russian Artist Arrested for Refusing to Take off Her VR Headset

Moscow artist Ekaterina Nenasheva claims she was arrested and taken to a psychiatric clinic. The crime? Refusing to take off her VR headset according to reports.

Over the past four years, VR has caused us to re-evaluate many of our social norms and collective ideas—particularly as it relate[……]


YouTube Introduces VR180 Format

So you don’t have to look behind you.

During a keynote at Vidcon, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki took the stage to announce the rollout of a new video format called VR180.

As the name implies, the YouTube video format focuses on the 180-degree field of view in front of you. This lets YouTube[……]


VRTO 2017: Where New Giants Stand on Giant Shoulders

Grab your tickets to VRTO, which kicks off June 25 at Rogers Communications Centre in Toronto.

To understand what separates VRTO from any other VR conference in the world, take a look at something VRTO Founder and Executive Director Keram Malicki-Sánchez said to me somewhere in the middle o[……]


YouTube ‘Heatmaps’ For VR Show Where Viewers Are Looking

Color-coded overlays show exactly where viewers are looking when watching 360 content.

With a healthy catalogue of 360-degree content, a high-quality app available on most virtual reality headsets and a brand new VR Creator Lab program, YouTube is steadily securing itself as the go-to desti[……]


YouTube VR Creator Lab: Call for Applications

YouTube Space LA is offering 360 filmmakers and content creators the chance to take part in the VR Creator Lab. The program includes advanced education from leading VR instructors, 1-to-1 mentorship, and $30K – $40K for production. Apply now!

Last week, YouTube announced the VR Creator Lab,[……]


What it’s like to View XR Through Varjo, the World’s First Human-Eye Resolution Headset

Last Monday, I walked three blocks uphill on Mason St in San Francisco to the Fairmont Hotel to demo a stealth product that had been touted to me as one of the biggest advancements in XR tech this side of Magic Leap.

As it turns out, the trek was worth the hike—Varjo’s Human-Eye Resolution tech[……]


Turn Any Stationary Bike Into A VR Fitness Machine With This $100 Sensor

VirZOOM is back with a more affordable option for exercising in virtual reality.

You might remember VirZoom as the VR stationary bike that features an array of fitness-based experiences such as lassoing bandits atop a galloping horse, cutting tight corners in an Indy race car and flying thr[……]


Spider-Man Comes To Virtual Reality

Now you can suit up as your favorite web-shooting, high flying superhero.

We’ve all thought about it—wondering when it would finally happen. VR is so amazing, but all I really want to be is Spider-Man.

Now you finally can. In conjunction with the upcoming release of Spider-Man: Homecomin[……]


Watch This Choir Go Viral with the Help of VR

Multidimensional concert uses VR to challenge the traditional role of audience participation.

Earlier this month, an old church in Downtown LA filled for a full chorale production, with renditions of Bach, Motown and Cyndi Lauper…along with a live Tilt Brush performance—highlighting the bea[……]