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Monthly Archives: November 2016

VR Experiences for Grandma and the Kids


Hoping to show off some VR experiences to your folks during the holidays? We have compiled a list of some of the top family friendly VR pieces out there for you to enjoy with your loved ones. Suitable for children and seniors, everyone is bound to get a kick out of these experiences. Happy hol[……]


VR App Lets You Test Canon Cameras & Lenses Before You Buy

canon-vr-cameraPicking a camera or lens can be scary. Canon is using VR to make that a little easier.

Over the past year VR has proven itself more than just a gaming device. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets are being used in incredible fields for various purposes from medicine and psychology, to art and design[……]


Black Friday Deals for HTC Vive & Oculus Rift


There are some VR deals this weekend.

Can you believe its only been a year since the only VR headsets you could buy for the holidays was a Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, or a Mattel View-Master. Now with major high-end VR systems available on the market, we would expect there to be some[……]


Expecting Parents Can Meet Their Baby Using VR

3D model of a fetus in VR

Doctors and parents are getting a new perspective of babies in the womb thanks to VR.

For years, expecting parents have been making the most out of blurry ultrasound photos in anticipation of meeting their unborn child. Luckily with new research, that might all change with the ability to me[……]


Xbox One Game Streaming Coming to Oculus Rift


You can download the app for Oculus Rift December 12.

The latest collaboration between Microsoft and Oculus will soon have you playing Xbox One games while in a Rift headset. The software giant announced that Oculus Rift owners with a Windows 10 PC will be able to stream Xbox One games to t[……]


The Week in VR Review


In this weekly VRScout Report, Google Earth in VR is a rush, Facebook analyzes your face w/ augmented reality, GE uses AR to talk to machines, the funding wrap-up, cure lazy eye with VR, and more…

Special guest: Cris Miranda, Host of EnterVR podcast and Director of Marketing for Vivid Visio[……]


Franklin Institute Transforms Museum Experience With VR


Located in the heart of Philadelphia, The Franklin Institute is a leader in science and technology learning through hands-on exhibits, theaters and live shows. So what better way to transform the way visitors engage with the museum than by immersing them in unique content in virtual reality.[……]


Watch Conan O’Brien Get His Mind Blown in VR


He mostly wanted to know about virtual porn.

This may be our favorite VR reaction video yet. In a recent segment of Conan on TBS, the television host and comedian visited the YouTube Space in New York to get a taste of VR and mixed reality with the HTC Vive.


Introducing Conan t[……]


Stanford Studies Control Schemes for Three-armed Avatars in VR

Researchers at Stanford think that having a third arm in VR could make you a more efficient (virtual) human. So they’ve set out to learn what they can about the most effective means of controlling an extra limb in VR.

Thanks to high quality VR motion controllers, computer users are beginning[……]


Qualcomm Is Launching a Chinese VR ‘Innovation Center’


The Chinese branch of smartphone chipmaker Qualcomm has joined forces with internet services company Tencent to build an “innovation center” in China focused on accelerating R&D for next-gen virtual and augmented reality systems in mobile devices.

China is quickly growing into one of th[……]