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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Oculus Rift SetUp for Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous

Download Elite Dangerous here

Got questions? ask in the comments below, and I’ll answer soon..

This has worked from the Elite Dangerous beta build to the release version and the latest post release beta builds.

  1. Reboot into your computer to ensure fresh boot.
  2. Open the Oculus Rift Co[……]


BlazeRush Oculus Rift VR Arcade Game

BlazeRush Oculus Rift VR
BlazeRush is a top-down vehicular combat Video game developed by the Russian studioTargem Games who also made one of my other favorite VR games Star Conflict.
The demo is free to download from Oculus Share and if you like the game you can purchase the full version from Steam for $9.95.

What ma[……]


How To Enable Oculus Rift Support In Alien Isolation – Spare Underwear Recommended

Ever since I watched the movie Alien and the excellent sequel Aliens. Those critters scare the cr%$ out of me.
The Alien movie is aging remarkably well considering it was released back in 1979. Jumping ahead to 2014/15 and you can play the Alien movie in Virtual Reality in your home. Isn’t progre[……]


How To Enable Oculus Rift Support In Dying Light – Zombie Bashing

How To Enable Oculus Rift Support In Dying Light - Zombie Bashing

It all seems like the ideal VR experience. Shoot a zombie, stomp a zombie, bash a zombie and generally abuse a zombie. But is it?
Find out for yourself by this simple tweak to Dying Light to enable Oculus Rift support. Of course there is no menu option for it, that would be too easy. You will n[……]


Starfighter – Colonial Defense Force – VR Space Combat

Starfighter – Colonial Defense Force is a VR space combat game. With the arrival of VR, space combat games are nothing new. So what is new with Starfighter CDF?

Chatting with founder Shaun Williams of Magstudiosm games, a UK-based development house. Shaun says Starfighter is reminiscent of th[……]


Oculus Rift Games For March 28th 2016

Three One Zero
White Door Games
Radial G
Tammeka Games

Adventure Time
Turbo Button
Elite Dangerous
Frontier Developments
HandMade Game

AirMech: Command
Carbon Games
Esper 2
Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe VR
Agharta Studio

Albino Lullaby


PlayStation VR Top Launch Titles To Watch Out For

Sony is really starting to push their upcoming line up of games for the new PlayStation VR headset. Anyone looking to get into Virtual Reality then PlayStation VR is likely to be the cheapest way to do it.

When PlayStation VR launches in Q2 2016 what can you expect to be playing? Here is the VRCi[……]


Confirmed Sony Playstation VR Games

Few days ago I listed the Top PlayStation VR games to watch out for. There are many, many more VR games coming to PlayStation VR. Here is the list of ALL known PlayStation VR games coming to this exciting new platform. If you know of any others, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll ad[……]


Steam VR Weekend Sale Includes 185 Titles


We know what we’ll be doing this weekend.

Steam has launched their first VR Weekend Sale that includes discounts on a huge variety of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift titles.

In addition to the VR Weekend Sale, Steam is also selling a bundle of 20 titles at an even greater discount. You can chec[……]


Nerve Film Premieres With First-Person VR Experience


Step into the body of Emma Roberts and hitch a high-speed skateboard ride on the back of a police car.

Are you up for a good dare? Lionsgate’s latest suspense thriller, NERVE, is hitting theaters this week and they’re challenging you to experience the movie’s top “dares” in virtual reality.[……]