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15K pre-orders in 10 minutes for HTC Vive

The sea water lapping on the coast line rushes away from the sandy beach, moments later the Tsunami strikes. This could be a great apology for VR fans waiting to pre-order the first wave of VR devices.

HTC claims to have sold 15,000 pre-orders of their HTC Vive in the first 10 minutes of availability on February 29. This according to a tweet by HTC VR dev Shen Ye.

With a cost of $799 for each Vive this means HTC raked in $12m in 10 minutes. Not bad at all...
I suspect many of the early orders are from the hardcore VR fans who already have their VR ready machines and have been dreaming of this moment for years. Currently HTC Vive pre-orders placed on their site today will not ship until May.

The HTC Vive will start shipping in April right along side the Rift on March 28 for $799 and $599 respectively.